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“Regular servicing is vital to keep your car in top condition; saving the you money in the long run as potentially expensive problems can be avoided.” James

“We offer a complimentary mini valet and wash with every service.” Ruairi


A new, state of the art, motor repair shop has opened in Bridgend offering full servicing, repairs, pre NCT/MOT and diagnostics. Conveniently located on the Elaghbeg Industrial Estate on the main Derry to Letterkenny Road, JR Auto’s combine mechanical and technical know-how with good business practice. Partners, James Lavelle and Ruairi O’Reilly have twenty-five years relevant experience between them and are passionate about their business. James, originally from Meath, is not put off by the recession.

Regular Servicing
“I feel it is a good time to be setting up a new motor repair business,” James tells us, “With the change in the economy, people are keeping their cars for longer. This means that regular servicing is vital to keep cars in top condition; saving the customer money in the long run as potentially expensive problems can be avoided.

As cars get older, they require important preventative maintenance like new timing belts. Sometimes they need to be changed every 30,000 miles like in the Corsa, so it’s important to get them checked.” James advises. “We also realise that there is a need for taxi drivers to have cars that are faultless as they get so much wear. Regular servicing can also reduce the amount of petrol you use by up to 40%.”

Recovery and Breakdown Service
Ruairi, from Derry is, like James, a time served mechanic and has spent the last four years working both in garages and on the road dealing with breakdowns for the AA and RAC. “We have a 24/7 breakdown and recovery service in operation” James tell us. “Logistically, Bridgend is a great area for us as we are accessible to road networks for Inishowen, Derry and Letterkenny. This is handy; not only for our breakdown and recovery service, but for our free collection and return of the vehicles into the workshop which is very convenient for our customers.

Modern cars need a lot more diagnostic electronic work. James and Ruairi are up to speed with the latest technology and have invested in all of the software. “We have two systems running in the workshop and we use portable laptops so the information is to hand when we are working on the car. The first system is Auto Data; this is a general check that narrows down the potential problem areas where the fault lies. Then we have the Diagnostic Software that will pinpoint the problem, enabling us to fix it quickly. Technology such as this is vital as you couldn’t even switch a warning light off without it.”

Customer Service
James and Ruairi ensure their customers are getting the best price and are keen to offer a personal service. They realise that a vehicle is important to a family or business and work long hours to get the car on the road again. “We offer a complimentary mini valet and wash with every service as well.” Ruairi says.

The large premises have all of the tools to hand for coping with every eventuality in car repair and the shop area stocks general parts for most vehicles. So if your car needs a service and you want mechanics that are up to date with all of the latest techniques, then pop into JR Autos in Bridgend and talk to James and Ruairi, or give them a ring on 086 8894290 (James) or 004479 22345336 (Ruairi)

James’s Safety tip
“As soon as you feel there is something wrong with your car like any kind of irregular noise, vibration, shimmer, or you note some leak or any warning light comes on while driving or anything that seems to be irregular – let us know as it might be unsafe to drive. It's definitely better to check any small problem straight away”

Does your car need a service?

Have you gone over the manufacturers recommended servicing time or miles?
Is the car not running as well as it did and is slow to pull away?
Is there wheel wobble?
Is the servicing warning light on?
Is there knocking and banging when you go over a bump?

If you answer YES to any of these then take your car into JR Auto’s for a check.

Tips for safer and more efficient driving.

Keep your tyres inflated at the right pressure. This can save fuel, give a better ride and lengthen the life of the tyres.
Check your windscreen wipers and replace them if worn and check the screen wash regularly.
Drive sensibly. Aggressive driving can shorten the life of the engine and increase fuel consumption by up to 30%
Don’t wait until a problem occurs, get down to JR Autos for a service…..

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