Sunday, 7 December 2008


The Last Supper

When Leonardo da Vinci was painting his famous work, The Last Supper, he wanted to paint Jesus first. So he sent people far and wide with the hope of finding a person whose overall countenance would be representative of Jesus. His representatives brought back the perfect fit – a handsome, upright young man with good manners. Da Vinci was very happy with the young man modelling as Jesus.

Over the next few years Leonardo found models to portray eleven of the disciples and at last there was only Judas left to paint. Finally a man was brought to the artist, whose appearance was testimony to many years of anger, hatred and selfishness. Leonardo was satisfied and started to paint. The model began to cry.

“What is the matter?” Leonardo asked him.

“Don’t you know me?” the man wailed.

“I’m sorry…” Leonardo said in confusion looking at the man more closely.

“Look at your own painting,” he pleaded to the painter, “I’m the same man you choose to portray Jesus so many years ago.”

Da Vinci looked closely and saw that it was true. Due to years of spending time in bad company, becoming selfish, angry and hurtful, the same man that had so well represented Jesus was now a perfect match for the man who betrayed him.

We become like those we associate with.

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Anonymous said...

Good story. It's not true (check out the link on snopes: ), but still something worth thinking about.

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