Sunday, 7 December 2008


Link2 in the Courtyard Shopping Centre in Letterkenny opened its doors this October and has a great selection of gift ideas this Christmas. Paul and Keith Harvey had been working in music retail in Letterkenny for seventeen years and really know and appreciate their customer base. They saw a gap in the market and decided to branch out on their own, selling gadgets and novelties as well as music and DVD’s.

Link2 has a superb selection of all the top Irish CD’s including the new albums from Ronnie Drew, Enya and Snow Patrol. Don’t forget the comedy gem Nob Nation 2 –The Recession Album and DVD’s from Conal Gallen, Tommy Tiernan and Brendan Grace. There are loads of others to choose from and include all the chart stuff as well.

At office Christmas parties it is customary to have a Chris Cringle and it can be difficult to think of a gift for a colleague who you may see every day, but not know that well. There are all sorts of fun ideas at Link2 such as the tight-git wallet (only €7.99) or the swearing punch ball (for €9.99). Guaranteed to break the ice and get a laugh before your first glass of wine takes effect.

Gadgets Galore
What is it about boys and their toys? How does a remote control helicopter make a seemingly well-adjusted man go weak at the knees? How many fathers buy a remote control car for their son and end up only giving them a turn very reluctantly? Link2 has a wide range of gadgets including the latest remote control helicopters, which they demonstrate in the store every Saturday and Sunday.

Ideas for Kids
Of course kids love gadgets too. What about a popcorn-maker at €34.99 for a healthy and fun treat or there is a rocket lava lamp (at €19.99) to create the right atmosphere for your moody teenager. They also have all the Sesame Street Puppets as seen on the Late Late Toy Show including Bert and Ernie and Oscar for €20.

Paul and Keith have recently launched Link2 on-line too and you can purchase items at This website only shows a few of their in store items but more are being added.

So when you are in Letterkenny, why not pop into Link2 in the Courtyard Centre and grab a few innovative and different gifts.

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