Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Magreth McGill is a passionate woman with strong ideals and purpose. I am talking to her about her new business venture with her partners Sharon McGilloway and Robbie Henry. Microwater Ltd is the only Irish provider of alkaline, ionised water -inishOH!

“I want to change people’s water drinking habits” she tells me. “This water tastes better, is better for you and it is local. Never mind being an armchair journalist –get a bottle and see what you think,” she challenges.

The Taste Test

Now I do like my water. I rarely go to the pub as all I ever drink is water, I don’t even have tea or coffee, preferring to drink hot water. It is not something I think about, it is something I do. I nip into Fullerton’s in Buncrana, one of the local suppliers around Inishowen. There are three sizes of bottles and they are slightly more expensive then the other bottled waters. I pick up a bottle and take it to the check-out. “Do many people buy this?” I ask the woman serving me. “Yes, it seems to be going well.” She smiles back.

Back home, I call Julie and we sit down to try it out. I pour two glasses, we pick them up, look at each other and drink in unison. It tastes lighter somehow. “What do you think?” I ask Julie. “It is soft,” she says. “It just slips down the throat,” I comment. We taste it again. Then Julie goes to the tap and pours two glasses of water. There is a definite difference. The taste of the inishOH! is definitely better and it sounds strange, but it is easier to drink.

Health Benefits

Magreth is telling me about a testimonial she got last night from a customer who lives locally and had been suffering with irritable bowel syndrome. This woman tried the water and for the first couple of weeks she felt a bit irritable as the toxins from her bowels were released. Then, after a fortnight, she started to feel much better than she had for years, the symptoms had cleared up and people commented on how well she looked. “This happens because inishOH! is alkanised. ”Magreth explains. “inishOH! can help balance excessive acidity which weakens all our body systems”

Water Cooler Service
Microwater Ltd provide a local water cooler service to businesses and Magreth is keen to promote the benefits of using a local provider. She is passionate about keeping the business local, processing locally, employing locally, supplying locally and providing support to local charities. With all the talk these days about our carbon footprint, it does make sense for local businesses that provide a water cooler service to their employees and customers to look for local suppliers. It also makes business sense to provide water that has health benefits to staff and customers. The water coolers can be rented or purchased from inishOH! and an inclusive price includes delivery, installation, maintenance and cleaning.

Local Charities
Five cents from every bottle of inishOH! purchased goes to local charities. “We like to target charities like the kidney foundation or a children’s charity or with a sport emphasis” Magreth explains. “Charity begins at home, so we want to keep the money in the local community.”

Body’s Choice
As I re-read the article, I feel a little thirsty. Both glasses of water are sitting beside the computer. Without even noticing or thinking about it, I watch my hand deliberately choose the inishOH! glass. My body knows what is good for it!

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