Sunday, 11 May 2008


Joey Grant has been caring for the Sisters of Mercy Convent gardens for over thirty years and has been a gardener for many years before starting at the convent. Over the years Joey has built up a fabulous display of bluebells by patiently collecting the seed heads and redistributing them around the garden. Joey also likes to introduce new plants and features into the garden every year. This year sees a new display of climbing roses.

What music do you like?
I really enjoy Country and Western. Live bands that get you dancing are particularly good.

What would you never throw away?
I never throw anything away. It comes from years of gardening. If you do throw something out you can be sure that you will be looking for it the next day.

What book are you reading?

I am reading a book on Padre Pio. I also enjoy gardening books. Let’s not forget the local papers too…I read them all!

What was your favourite childhood game?
For two weeks in the summer those of us who lived in the country had time off from school to dig the spuds in the fields. I also went out with my father in his horse and cart to do the turf cutting. We would go out with a goose egg and duck egg in our pockets to eat with our tea. This might not sound like a game, but it was to us young lads!

Have you been to the cinema recently, what did you see and was it any good?
It has been twenty years since I was at the pictures! When I was a young lad I used to get the money to go by caddying on the golf links on Buncrana. 18 holes would get you as much as half a crown (2shillings and sixpence), which would get you into the cinema easily.

What section of the newspaper do you turn to first?
Anything to do with gardening.

What is your idea of a good night out?
Having plenty of them! I like to see bands. I have no local pub as such but I enjoy a pint with friends.

Most embarrassing moment of your life?
There was the time I fell into a shuck coming home drunk from a wedding…enough said!

Have you a favourite TV programme?
My favourite bit of TV viewing is when a western in on. John Wayne was the best.

How do you relax?
It sounds a bit strange but I relax by keeping moving!

What job did you want to do when you were a child?
I was always interested in gardening and all I wanted to be was a gardener.

Where would you like to go for your holidays?
Castlebar in County Mayo will do me. My brother lives there and I will be going to visit later on in the year to take part in a charity walk in aid of Alzheimer’s.

Your idea of heaven?
I believe in reincarnation so if I could come back as another member of my family I would be happy

Your idea of hell?
There’s no such place

What famous people would you invite around for dinner and why?
I don’t invite anyone for dinner. Who comes,comes…. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

Favourite animal?
The horse. We had a fabulous grey mare we used for going into the hills. I hope this doesn’t make me sound too old!

Biggest fear?
I don’t have one. Thank God.

The world’s most irritating invention?
It would have to be the mobile phone.

Personal philosophy?
Be patient, especially when you are explaining things to people.

World’s most useful invention?

What is your idea of a good night in?
I like a few glasses of wine and a game of cards with friends and family.

Biggest disappointment?
When I was young I was really disappointed when I had to go back to school. I loved being outdoors so much.

What do you most like about the Irish Countryside?
Apart from the land, I really like the old traditional cottages. I was reared in a thatched cottage and they evoke great memories for me.

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