Monday, 25 February 2008


Life-Jackets and a boat urgently needed in Ghana

Have you an old Life-Jacket that you no longer use?

Life Jackets and a boat with an outboard motor are urgently needed.

In the Volta region of Ghana, Lake Volta (8,800km2) is the biggest man made lake in the world. It was created by the construction of the Akosombo Dam, a hydro-electric power project.

ECM Ho in Ghana, (who have been supported for the last twelve years by Mayo-resident Noeline Haylett) has an outreach project on Dwarf Island, which is one of the many islands in the lake. Dominic Akyereke, their outreach worker who lives on the island has requested urgently, as many life jackets be sent over as possible.

Because the lake is man made and was created by flooding surrounding areas there are many dead trees under the water. The ferry boats, which are often heavily loaded sometimes hit submerged tree stumps.

Just before Christmas, the boat that Dominic was on tipped over (a regular occurrence) and 75 people were drowned. Dominic was saved as he was wearing a life jacket that had been previously sent over.

Noeline Haylett, has been supporting the work of the mission in Ghana (ECM), during which time she has sent over 4 ambulances, a tractor, a plough and transport boxes, a bus and a quad as well as building schools, clinics, a hospital and a bore hole. Her next container is going over in June and she hopes to send as many life jackets as possible and hopefully a boat with an outboard motor.

If you can help in anyway, please contact Noeline on 098 41484

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