Thursday, 24 January 2008


If you have any more information about the old Hotel please let me know. Thanks

Photo of the hotel taken when the trains brought in the tourists from the north. The large image is on the wall of the Buncrana Coucil offices.

The owners of the building are trying to get planning to convert into flats (or knock down and start again)

Updated 22/8/12. Thanks to Adam Porter for the amazing Image. 


Melanie Mcguirk said...


Just wondering if this Hotel is still vacant?

Thanks Melanie.

vwdubbin212 said...

its defo vacant now burnt to a fucking crisp :L

desfiddle mc gonigle said...

Ha ha. Just wondering if any of you know of its history and the black magic rituals that were suppose to have taken place there in the past.

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