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Teresa Fullerton is going to get plenty of use out of her ’99 Suzuki Vitara 2.0 this week. Teresa is the proprietor of Angels Above in Buncrana and she is in the process of moving to larger premises on the Main Street opposite the Town Clock. The car is ideal for moving all of the stock as it has plenty of room in the back. Teresa has previously worked in the Health Service and in Inishowen Woman’s Outreach but has recently set up her own business. Her shop sells cards, books, angel figurines, chakra jewellery, incense, crystals, books and she is getting lots of new stock in for Christmas. Teresa is also a Reiki practitioner and you can contact her for an appointment on 087 052 3611

How long have you had the car?
Only three weeks. Before that I drove a 1998 red Rover my “Wee hedgehog”. I loved the old car but it needed a lot of work doing to it. I feel a lot safer in the new Suzuki now.

Any plans to change?
No. I am just getting used to the size of it. It is a lot bigger than anything I have ever driven. I initially found it very awkward.

Is it reliable?
It’s early days yet but so far so good! There are some bolts to tighten on the alternator but that’s about it.

Best (and worst) thing about the car?
You can carry plenty of stock in the back. I also need a lot of space to get all of the packaging from the shop to the recycling centre. The worst bit about the car is judging the narrow roads, especially if there is a lorry coming the other way.

How often do you wash it?
I have only washed it once. That was the Hallowe’en week when some lads decided to egg the car as I drove down the Cockhill road!

What would you do to help motorists given the chance?
Regulating the speed of the vehicles by tuning engines down. Cars are unnecessarily powerful, especially for younger drivers.

What would you really like to be driving around in?
I have a 1970 BMW Convertible in the garage at the moment which is being renovated as we speak. When I bought it there was no power steering or indicators, but I loved it from the minute I set eyes on it. It should be finished in early spring. I would also like a Harley Davidson motorbike!!

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Terri said...

Hi! I found your blog while surfing.
I live in Black Canyon City, AZ, USA
My name is also Teresa Fullerton and my motor is an 18-wheeler semi-truck.
I just thought this was too funny.

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