Monday, 27 August 2007


Are you fed up of the lawn looking brown in this heatwave? Well fear not. Companies who make plastic and rubber grass are recording record sales as the public decide that they have had enough of watering and mowing. It seems unbelievable but some people actually prefer synthetic grass to the real thing. Thinking about it though it would save time and you could guarantee that it looked the same through the summer. It would cost you about €1000 for an area of about 650 square feet, so if you have a large garden I would be a bit wary of putting it down as it would probably be cheaper to get the area re turfed every year. Environmentalists do not seem to be too keen on it either. Birds cannot get to feed on the worms underneath as there is a plastic membrane on the base to hold the fibre. I suppose this is true but then again if the grass would be covered in growth and weed killer chemicals, this wouldn’t be much good either. When people ask me what they can do with a troubled garden area I usually suggest that they concrete it (Tongue in cheek I might add) now I can add that the area could be covered in a non bio-degradable plastic that will fetch the skin of children’s legs with friction burns when they try to plat football on it!


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