Monday, 9 July 2007


How is your garden after the relentless heat of the last couple of weeks? Maybe you have a small enough garden to water frequently. If not in drought conditions you will need to look out for vulnerable plants that will suffer. Don’t worry too much about the grass though, that can stand the dry and will soon pick up like magic after a good downpour. Remember to really soak your containers and baskets too. If they have dried out then you will be as well off soaking them in a bucket of tepid water, dip your feet in whilst you are at it.


Can you use milk to clean leaves? RB by e-mail

Milk is good for cleaning the leaves of houseplants such as the cheese plant. It is far more versatile than that though. You can spray milk on to apples and lettuce to control mildew. For large areas, dilute one part milk to nine parts of water, unless it is skimmed milk then it’s practically all water anyway! The other idea is to dissolve 1lb (450g) of dried milk into a little hot water and then add 1 gallon (4litres) of cold water. Spray on to tomatoes and cucumbers when planting and then every ten days


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