Sunday, 8 July 2007


Paul Doherty (Roe) from Buncrana has something special to show us this week. Paul is the proud owner of a beautiful Beauford Open Top Tourer. The car was made in 1972 by an English car company called Beauford and owned by Gordon Geskell, the company founder until being shipped over to Inishowen.

The design and colour of the car makes it an ideal vehicle for public events and Paul is more that happy to hire it out for weddings and formal occasions. The car’s other use at the moment is publicising the families new company, (and doing a very good job too!). The new premises called Elite Appliance Centre in the Milltown Business Park, Buncrana, is a purpose built 3000 square foot superstore displaying a wide range of electrical and indoor and outdoor lighting products.

Tell me more.
The car was the original prototype that appeared in all of the company’s promotional material and made to a very high standard with a fibreglass body and steel chassis. The company that made the car are still in business and there is also an owners club . Here you will find all sorts of information as well as seeing Beauford cars for sale.

When do you get to drive the car?
I use it as often as possible, usually at the weekends. My daughters love being driven around in it and are amazed at the amount of attention it attracts.

Is it reliable?
It couldn’t be better. The car is quite modern, despite looking like it was built in the 1930’s. It has a really reliable 6 cylinder Nissan 2.6 engine and every part is accessible to work on if needed. The road holding is superb and there are five gears as well.

What is the best thing about the car?
Taking the hood off and having the children in the car on a sunny day.

How often do you wash it?
I very rarely wash it. The paintwork is so shiny that the muck doesn’t stick to it. It might be something to do with the large mudguards too!

How would you help motorists?
Reducing tax would be the most beneficial thing to do for motorists.

What would you like to be driving around in?
A Ferrari maybe but for driving around the peninsula, maybe a Hummer!


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