Friday, 1 June 2007


Photo: Knautia persicifolia

Cottage garden plants are looking terrific at this time of year. Tall plants in the cottage garden are a must and if you plant thickly then there is no need for staking. Bearded Irises have a bold structure and can support flimsier stems of such delights as the Delphiniums and large campanula persicifolia. One tall plant that would need a bit of support in the cottage garden that was brought to my attention this week was the Knautia macedonica. These upright perennials bear globular, bright crimson flowers that insects adore. The flowers are going over now and the birds are walking along the stems and having a feast on the abundance of seeds. All together these plants have been a haven for wildlife for well over two months, these are a must for the wildlife garden and if you can get some seeds before the birds eat them, then they will germinate in any sunny, well drained spot in the garden.


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