Friday, 1 June 2007


It’s amazing what tips you can pick up at a meeting. There are the ones about not forgetting to put drainage holes in your pots before you fill them or make sure the chains of the hanging basket aren’t under the liner of the basket when you make it up (you have to take the whole thing apart). I liked this one though. When making the baskets you might be advised to put in water retaining crystals to help keep a constant supply of moisture to the plant roots. Don’t go out and spend your hard earned money on this product, simply use a disposable nappy! The nappies work in the same way and will be a great benefit to the plants if put around the edge of the containers. They are so effective that you shouldn’t put them on the base of the container, as the roots will get too wet. (I do not indorse this last suggestion at all though as it is totally non organic!)


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