Monday, 14 May 2007


Paul’s Ponderings
Here are a few words about a favourite gardening technique of mine that I share with other lazy or some would like to think, efficient gardeners. After all, who wants a garden that looks wonderful but has left you with a slipped disc through digging?

Gardens are for sitting in, eating and drinking in and playing in. They are for pleasures to be enjoyed, not in my opinion trials to be endured. To make as much time available for the fun activities and to reduce the need for hard labour think MULCH.

What a great word it is. Use it in Scrabble to score lots of points! Say it out loud a few times and you will find yourself starting to relax and feeling calmer. (The people around you however may start to worry about you and suggest professional help!) Once you have caught the mulching bug and seen the results you can achieve, you will want to pass it on and when your friends see what happens they will want to catch it too.


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