Sunday, 27 May 2007


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Construct Ireland-

Highland radio, Covering the North West of Donegal-

ICR. Inishowen Community radio-

Inishowen Summer Gathering-

Local Planet newspaper- S

trawbale building:

Inish Times:

Environmental Protection Agency Ireland

Pauls web site:

Living architecture, Peter Cowman Co. Leitrim :

COMPARES Project, focussing on energy saving in Inishowen:

Organic Centre Rossinver:

Building for a Future:

Friends of the Earth:

Power of One:

Carbon Footprint (assess your carbon output)

Water Aid:

Asbestos regulations Ireland:

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Action Inishowen:

Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association

Cleaning with soda crystals:


Chase Organics seeds:

Green Party Ireland:

Inishowen News: Offering an online news service covering the Inishowen area:

Local news from Moville: Sustainable Ireland :

Irish Peatland Conservation Council:

Voice Of Irish Concern for the Environment. (VOICE)

Home Education Network (HEN) Ireland

North West Wildlife Park set up by Killian Mclaughlin from Buncrana:

Western Organic Network: Training courses - advice for organic gardeners and farmers: Local news from the town:

Inishowen online:

National Climate Change strategy 2007-2012:

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