Sunday, 27 May 2007


There are hundreds of plants to choose from when it comes to planting up your summer baskets. Here are just a few suggestions for flowering plants to get you started. They are all available locally and should thrive throughout the summer in Inishowen if they are fed and watered of course.

Busy lizzie flowers well in partial shade, mostly pink, red or white.

Trailing lobelia in blue, white, rose or crimson.

Nasturtium bright flowers, mostly in yellow and orange.

Verbena lots of colours, the plants spread and trail from a basket.

Bidens vigorous trailing, spreading plant with yellow daisy flowers.

Brachycome small blue daisy flowers with yellow centres.

Fuchsias trailing forms with cover a basket.

Ivy leaf- geraniums ideal hanging basket plant, good foliage, vivid colours.

Diascia a profusion of pink flowers over a long period.

Petunia these are a favourite around the peninsula. They have an extensive colour range and a long flowering season.


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