Saturday, 24 March 2007


Photo: Winter flowering Jasmine.

Photo: Daffs at Loreto House,Linsfort.

There’s not much room for any introductory chat this week as things are hotting up in the garden and there’s such a lot to do. If you still think it’s a bit chilly to be out tending your plot you could always plant up a couple of containers to brighten up the doorways of the house. There’s lots of spring colour in the garden centres at the moment.

Daffodils are at their best when in large numbers. Fortunately for us, daffodils are very obliging when it comes to dividing their bulbs. The only things that stop a bulb from multiplying are lack of space and nutrients. The bulbs are very busy underground and one of them can form a large clump in a few years given the right conditions. When the flowers begin to fade, dig up and take off the sister bulbs. You might get three or four out of every one. Plant them back into the ground straight away and water them in. Do this every year and you’ll soon have your own daffodil business!


Winter Jasmine will be making an appearance now. After the flowers have gone, prune the climber back. Cut away any old wood and thin the spindly stems. Tie in fresh shoots onto the supports.

Penstemons can be tidied up and cut back. Be careful not to tread on the new shoots coming up.
Prepare the soil where hardy annuals are going to be sown during March and April.

Plant lily bulbs now for flowering in summer. Choose a free draining spot in full sun and add extra grit to the hole just to be on the safe side. There are a lot of miniature lilies on the market and these would do very well in pots.

Divide clumps of snowdrops now because when the leaves die back you wont be able to find them.


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