Saturday, 24 March 2007


I heard a rather humorous fact this week that pushed the boundaries of what I think is lazy. I know that some people live very busy lives and need services that offer to walk the dog or iron the clothes, but now you can get people to play your computer games for you. In America there is a service where the game is played up to a certain level whereby you can take control. This eliminates the boring bits at the beginning of the game and you can get straight into the excitement. There was another instance this week that I experienced and I can’t decide whether it was laziness or a lack of understanding about personal hygiene that prompted it. Let me explain. I was in a busy waiting room when the cleaning person came out of the toilets brandishing a very soiled, grey mop (with no bucket present) that had just been used to clean the spillages from the sink and apathetic aiming around the toilet bowl. Traipsing this through the busy waiting room was bad enough but without rinsing the mop the woman proceeded to get everyone, including me, to lift up our legs whilst she poked and prodded the germ ridden material on a stick underneath the chairs. What do you do or say under these circumstances? I was tempted to point out that different tools should be used for the toilet and the waiting area, but I just wasn’t brave enough. I turned into one of those people that would rather moan to someone else than do something pro-active and tell the woman myself. It was safer anyway, it’s never a good idea to insult someone with a weapon in their hands, especially one that has been down the toilet!


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