Monday, 12 March 2007


Here is the beginning of a list that covers all sorts of useless information. It is destined to get longer as I delve into 6 years worth of articles!

Glass is a liquid. After approximately 10 years a window will be thicker at the bottom than at the top.

'Coca-Cola' translates to Chinese as 'Bite the wax tadpole'

Cut an onion in half and rub it on the sole of your feet. An hour later you will taste onion in your mouth.

Why do we clink glasses when we 'cheers' someone before drinking? Because in mediaeval times they would clash glasses so that liquid from each glass would spill into one another's glass & prove that both were drinking with good will and not to poison each other!

Remove a dint from a carpet by placing an ice cube in a spoon and resting it in the dint. It'll spring back up.

If you mouth the word 'colourful' to someone, it looks like you are saying 'I love you'!

A 'chicken tarka' curry is similar to a 'chicken tikka' only 'otter.

Spiral staircases are anti clockwise to make defending from above easier with a sword and attacking from below extremely difficult if right handed. Thus left-handed swordsmen were paid a premium.

There is more salt in a bowl of corn flakes than there is in a packet of ready salted crisps

The expression 'eaves dropping' comes from when houses had a gap between the eaves and the wall. From outside internal sounds appeared to 'drop' from the eaves.

Squeezing hard on the fleshy joint between your thumb and hand for a few minutes will relieve a headache. This area is a pressure point that releases endorphins (happy signals) in the brain and knocks out the painful effects of the headache!

A man went into a fancy dress party with his girlfriend on his shoulders. His friend said, “What have you come as?” He replied, “A snail and this is Michelle”

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