Monday, 19 March 2007


Photo:Michael singing on Clonmany beach Inishowen Co.Donegal.

Photo:Beach at Buncrana, Inishowen, Co Donegal.


We have some of the best beaches in the country. With a bit of thought we can ensure that they are kept that way for us all to enjoy.

Don’t litter.

Take home what you take to the beach. Always use the bins if they are provided. If there isn’t a bin or if the bin is full, don’t just put the rubbish to the side, the birds and dogs will make sure that the rubbish is scattered everywhere. If there isn’t a bin, or it’s full, take the rubbish home with you. There is an on the spot fine of é100 euro for anyone caught dropping litter in Inishowen.

Take a bucket.

Better than just taking your rubbish, take a bucket (or bag) with you to the beach and pick up any litter you see on your way back to the car. Set a good example to others.

Plastics and glass.

If you do take plastic containers of any kind, make sure you bring them home with you. Plastics are a danger to marine life and take forever to break down. Glass on the beach is very dangerous. Never leave bottles on the beach, they will break and be very dangerous around where children are playing and also for animals and marine life.

Quad bikes, buggies, motorbikes and cars.

If you are blighted by any of these on your day to the beach then you can phone the local Garda station and give them the details. You can do this with complete confidentiality.

Cigarette ends.

Don’t leave cigarette ends on the beach. They are non-biodegradable and are deadly to the fish and birds that eat them in mistake for food.

Cans and plastic rings.

Cans get very sharp when the sea wears them, making them a hazard for children and animals. The plastic rings that hold cans together can strangle birds, fish and other animals.

Fishing line.

Never leave fishing line on the beach. Birds, fish and other animals can get trapped in it and die. Monofilament fishing line takes 600 years to break down in the marine environment. Roll the line up and tie then take the line home with you and dispose of it safely.


If you walk your dog on a beach where other people are likely to be, take a bag to collect their mess. The council are thinking of banning dogs on the beaches between 11am and 6pm each day.

Peter Doherty from Carndonagh has started a clean up campaign to rid the beaches of rubbish around the peninsula. Peter stressed that although there was a certain amount of rubbish left on the beach by visitors, there is a lot of debris that comes in on the tide as well. If you would like to help at any time you can phone Peter on 074 9373373


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