Saturday, 3 April 2010


A new book is challenging Inishowen readers to be the surprise they want to see in the world.

Penned by local resident, Tony Kearney, ‘BOO!’ confronts perceptions about who and what we think we are and what we can become.

Kiwi Kearney left New Zealand almost thirty years ago to practice law in London before moving to Malin for a better quality of life in 2006.

A fascinating, thought provoking, witty, accessible and above all practical guide, ‘BOO!’, approaches its subject matter with a great deal of common sense and down-to-earth practical advice.

The book, like its quirky author, is not easily categorised. A former lawyer with ‘sporty genetics’ – Kearney has run the London Marathon, completed a triathlon in New Zealand and climbed Kilamanjaro.

“We label ourselves, we limit ourselves. The book is about freedom and that is something that you give to yourself. ‘BOO!’ explores how you can change your reality. Life is full of surprises why don’t you become one?” he said.

“The potential inside each human being is massive. Beware of the PR of who and what you think you are. The book is for anyone who wants more out of life.”

53-year-old Kearney, who loves the outdoors and attends Carn Gym regularly, said that people have become obsessed with quantities.

“Individuals get caught up with how much money they have or how big their house is but that stuff is just temporary. BOO! focuses on qualities that don’t run out. It asks, ‘What really makes us happy?’” he added.

The Malin author, who doesn’t take himself too seriously, uses a degree of humour and innovative thinking to explore themes from developing natural confidence to power of the mind; from how to think to the workings of the brain; from genius to illumination; from making a difference to letting go of control.

‘BOO!’ covers a kaleidoscope of subjects in a sweeping yet inspiring way that will leave the reader refreshed and renewed in facing the many challenges that life offers.

Careful however. After reading the book you could discover that you, yes you, are the very surprise that you want to see in the world!

Kearney’s positive nature is infectious and the smiling author is almost living proof that his book may be on to something.

“I believe that people can achieve incredible things and I hope I’m a person with a vision of what kind of future we can all have. I’m a ‘glass half-full’ type of guy,” he said.

‘BOO!’ will be launched in Café Donagh, Carn on Saturday, April 17 at 2pm. The author will give a brief talk before signing copies of the book.

To buy ‘BOO!’ online go HERE or call Tony on 087 2553414.

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