Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Acupressure Mats make a big Impression

Let’s get to the point, or points. Acupressure Mats take a bit of getting used to. From the moment you lie back on the 6,000 sharp plastic needles on the mat, you know there are forces at work, mainly downward ones as your skin sinks onto these needles specifically designed to target your acupressure points around the body. If you ever wondered what it must be like for the Indian Yogis to lay on a bed of nails, now is your chance to find out.

Ian Gee, who is supplying the Acupressure Mats through his web based company tells us a bit more of the history of why the acupressure mats are such a huge hit throughout the world.

“The acupressure mats are proving to be a popular choice for people wanting to try a safe, natural alternative to traditional medication. As well as being widely used medicinally in India, Chinese scriptures also recorded the original bed of nails as a treatment to balance the mind and body thousands of years ago. The modern equivalent we supply comes from modern tests in Russia where comprehensive results were produced from hospital patients and prison inmates. The results from these tests proved that the mats had huge health benefits, the doctors were amazed.”

We asked Ian if he uses the mat himself. “ I do, every day. It was really prickly at first but like a lot of things, if stick with it the rewards are there. I find that I can actually fall asleep on the mat now and wake up feeling very chilled out. I feel much more relaxed and energised throughout the day.”

Ian continues to tell us more about how the mat works “The study in Russia showed the bed of nails decreased inflammation, strengthened the immune system, regenerated tissues, increased metabolism and lowered stress levels and has a positive effect on depression. When you lie on the acupressure mat the spikes stimulate energies within your body, triggering a sense of well being.”

“The mat works by acupressure, which is based on the idea that the body has a meridian system, probably best likened to the nervous system. The increased blood flow and release of Endorphins around the body makes the mats effective.”

Does Ian see a big market for the acupressure mats? “Yes, definitely.” And concludes. “Research has shown that the mats can help people with sporting injuries, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, insomnia, digestive problems, poor circulation, fatigue, excess weight, cellulite and all sorts of allergies, so there is a large potential market. I also think the mat gives us something very special every day. Twenty minutes lying down and doing nothing. That’s priceless.”

To celebrate the launching of the new site Ian is offering a FREE acupressure Mat to one lucky winner of a prize draw on the website. Check it out HERE .

The offer ends at the end of March 10.....


Sam said...


He is right they are great, I use mine every day and also meditate on it.

You can get specially written meditations at

all the best..>Sam

Yantra Mat USA said...

The Yantra Mat is also a spike mat, with 8,800 acupressure points!! They're on sale till April 17th - so check them out at!

Benjamin said...

I got my acupressure mat at and i love it. Used to have a hard time falling asleep at night, but now fall asleep quickly on my acupressure mat almost every night! They rock!

Alexis said...

Really useful blog.Good work keeping this updated! Acupressure Mat Thanks a lot!

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