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Our Mission
The MDC Group based in Malin Head offer a complete package from planning to installing and maintaining wind turbines throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland for residential and commercial customers. Here in Ireland we have one of the best wind resources in Europe and wind power is a clean, environmentally friendly and a never-ending FREE energy resource. With the cost of energy starting to rise again and people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, installing a turbine is becoming a more economically viable option.

Co-owner Garvan Meehan commented that, “We all like the thought of "being green", but it still has to make economic sense. It is our aim to show clients how a system can pay for itself in the shortest time possible (as low as 2 years depending on use and type of system installed.)”
Introduction of ‘Feed-in’ Tariff The MDC Group are an authorised agent of the WES wind turbines in Ireland and their expertise and experience will make the whole process of choosing the best turbine for your needs very easy.

You can now sell any electricity you generate back to the ESB. The introduction of a ‘feed-in’ tariff means that for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate, you can now export this to the grid. ESB will pay 19c for the first 3000 kWh’s exported and 9c for every kilowatt hour over the 3000 limit. This, together with savings you make by using your own electricity too, means there has never been a better time to start generating your own electricity on your farm; or indeed in individual homes, small businesses, and communities.

With the assistance of the MDC Group, you can begin harnessing the wind to meet your own needs while also getting paid for any surplus electricity that you generate on your site. The use of Dutch-built Wind Energy Solutions (WES) wind turbines which are very reliable and affordable means years of trouble free operation. When you think about it wind turbines are installed in fairly inaccessible locations so the reliability has to be paramount. In any event, the MDC group carries a stock of spares for every turbine we install. We also service and maintain the units giving the customer peace of mind with the knowledge that a local company is always there. The medium sized turbine supplied by the MDC Group, the WES18 starts producing electricity at wind speed of 3 m/s and is already economically feasible with an average wind speed of 5 m/s. At an average wind speed of 7 m/s (moderate breeze), a WES18 wind turbine can produce up to 200,000 kWh per year. (The average four bedroom home uses about 5,000 kWh of electricity per year).

The MDC Group is now providing a full service from planning to commissioning, including wind feasibility studies and grant applications.

Business Owners
For as little as 10% down, we can show you how a system can save you money and give you years of free energy. In times when energy costs are hurting business's profits it just makes good business sense to talk to us and like the wind it's free !

Dragon Boiler Systems We have also secured the agency for Dragonheat Boilers Systems. The sheer simplicity of the Dragon is what makes this boiler attractive and payback of these systems can be as low as 2 years. These boilers are fully automatic and are easily retro-fitted to an existing installation. Grant assistance is also available and the boilers are carbon neutral.Contact the MDC Group on 086- 824-7271 or check out their new web page

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