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Oil Safe

The OilSecure system can be easily expanded to create a full house alarm system or you can integrate it into any existing Yale intruder alarm system.

The OilSecure system will deter any would be burglar as the alarm is instant when the tank is interfered with.

Oil secure Systems

What is it?
OilSecure is a fully self-contained alarm system that alerts you when potential thieves try and gain access to your oil tank. Using a unique range of sensors OilSecure can be fitted to almost any type of tank and can detect anyone attempting to tamper with your "liquid gold".

The system involves a device in the tank which detects attempts to tamper with the tank and broadcasts a wireless signal to a siren unit which is then activated. In addition, the alarm has a panic facility which when activated will sound the alarm, to avoid confrontation.

Who is supplying it?
Pat McClean, from Malin is the Director of McClean Plumbing and Heating is the approved distributor and installer of OilSecure in Ireland. Pat is providing the domestic and commercial markets with innovative security products and service. Pat has a wealth of experience within the oil industry working in both plumbing and heating and together with his team he is able to provide advice and a full insulation service of the OilSecure systems.

Tell me more…….

The OilSecure system:
· Requires no electricity, is battery operated and the batteries last up to 3 years;
· Requires no drilling into the tank to install it, which may void your tank guarantee;
· Has all parts concealed within the tank so they cannot be tampered with by thieves;
· Uses tried and tested wireless technology that means that the main siren, which is triggered when a cap / cover is removed, can be located away from the oil tank and at a height which means that it cannot be tampered with;
· Can easily be turned off and on by a unique remote control.
· Can be DIY fitted in less than an hour or you can use our the full installation service available in certain parts of the country;
· Can be easily expanded to create a full house alarm system or you can integrate it into any existing Yale intruder alarm system.

Community Support
OilSecure is committed to provide support within communities to help minimise the risks associated with oil theft. This community work is varied and includes;
· Providing alarms to vulnerable locations.
· Working with / presenting to the Garda and local authorities to provide them with support and advice on the issue of oil security;
· Providing community groups with an interest in security such as Neighbourhood Watch, Home Watch, Farm watch, Rural Watch advice and support to effectively communicate and discuss the issue of oil theft.

Why do I need it?
There are justifiable fears that an overall increase in crime linked to the recession will keep the problem of oil theft alive, as evidenced by the horrific attack on a Derry man on the 1st March this year. The attack saw the man from the Ballymagroarty stabbed in the head when he disturbed 2 men attempting to steal oil from his home heating oil tank. Thieves also struck Greencastle recently when families were visiting relations over the Easter holidays.

Who is at risk?
A tank of fuel is a very valuable asset, is often in an exposed area and many tanks are in remote locations. Theft can occur even when owners are in the property. The problem is not only limited to homes but is becoming a serious issue for schools and the farming community.

What's the solution?
In direct response to the dramatic rise of oil theft in the North and here in the Republic, Pat said: "It is imperative that residents ensure their fuel tanks are properly secured. Thieves continue to steal thousands of litres of heating oil and anyone who relies on oil is at risk of oil theft. By joining forces with OilSecure, I am responding to my customers' concerns in relation to oil theft."

The Oilsecure oil tank alarm is not just about protecting the oil tank from theft but also to protect homeowners. With the cost of home heating oil so expensive, having oil stolen is causing severe hardship to many families who cannot afford to refill their tanks. By fitting Oil secure system in the tank you eliminate the risk of your oil being stolen. For more information about securing your tank, call Pat on: 086 8330052.

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