Saturday, 28 March 2009


The Meditation on Loving Kindness

A young female disciple undertook to develop the meditation on loving kindness. Sitting in her room, she would fill her heart with loving kindness for all people, animals and plants.

However, each day when she went to the market for her messages, she found her loving kindness practice sorely tested by one shopkeeper who would subject her to unwelcome caresses.

One day she could stand no more and began to chase the shopkeeper down the road with her upraised umbrella.

To her horror she passed her meditation teacher standing on the side of the road watching in amazement as his pupil gave chase.

She felt ashamed as she went up to him expecting to be told off for her anger.

“What you should do,” her teacher kindly advised her, “is to fill your heart with loving kindness, and with as much mindfulness as you can, hit this pest over the head with your umbrella.”


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