Sunday, 15 March 2009


Mary Doherty will be busy today keeping her St Patrick’s Day customers satisfied with top quality food from Mary D’s take-away in Quigleys Point. Mary has recently taken over the business (formerly McCreadies) and has been busy expanding the menu, sourcing first class ingredients as well as starting an outside catering service offering great grub for birthday parties, confirmations and special events.

“I love what I do,” Mary explains. “I really enjoy working with the food and having the craic with the customers.” It is not just about fun for Mary though. She aims to set very high standards in the food she offers.

“I buy the best quality ingredients available. The potatoes are chipped fresh every day and I buy the highest graded spud you can get. The burgers are made from minced steak. It is 100% Irish beef and all the meat is supplied by local butchers,” she says with pride.

Buying locally to support the community is important to Mary. “I think in the times that’s in it we need to shop locally and give every-one a wee bit of a chance,” she explains.

Low Prices
Mary has the same supportive attitude toward her customers. “Although I have been improving the quality of food, I am keeping the prices the same as I want to suit the customers pockets in these days,” she says.

She has also been expanding her menu and offering the customers a wider range of options adding chicken breasts and spicy beef amongst others to her usual fare of take away, pizzas and kebabs.


Mary, originally from Burnfoot, now lives in Ture. She had been working in the take-away before she took it over and had previously been in hotels for about twelve years. She started off washing dishes in the Inishowen Gateway and then moved on to working with the chef in the kitchen and managing the accommodation. In her spare time Mary went to the North West Regional College in Derry where she got her qualifications in catering. As if she wasn’t busy enough with her new business, Mary is planning to return to college. “I am planning to go back and complete my higher levels,” she says.

So how was it for Mary taking over the business? “I felt very nervous at the beginning,” she confides. “You know, taking on a new project and all. But I have to say it is really working out well.” She pauses for a moment, thinking.

“I have to say that I have had great support from my family and I am really lucky with Emer, who works with me –she is not just an employee, she is a friend too and is always there. The customers have been great too.”

If you would like to contact Mary for her outside catering service you can call her on 0874187530

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