Saturday, 7 March 2009


Georgina Houston, proprietor of Finishing Touch has been busy moving her giftware and fancy good stock to new premises on the Main Street in Buncrana. The new shop officially opened yesterday and Georgina is celebrating with lots of special offers on items during the first week. “This is a way of thanking all of my customers who have supported me over the years and during the move.” Georgina says. “I want to let them know that I appreciate their continuing support in the new shop.”

Although Georgina wasn’t moving far, it turned out to be a bigger job than she imagined. “ I am moving into a smaller premises but I am keeping the same amount of stock as I held in Ardravan” she explains. “Making the move to the Main St will mean less overheads so I can pass the savings on to the customers.”

Finishing Touches first opened its doors five years ago. Georgina had been working in the shop before making the decision to take it over two years ago. “I was very familiar with our customers and what they liked.”

Before she worked in retail, Georgina worked in the catering industry. “I always preferred being in the front of the house because of all the customer contact.” She says with a smile. “When I went back into the kitchen, I realised I was happier when I was working with customers, making sure their needs were met. Moving into retail has been a good move as customer satisfaction is important in this business.”

So what does she have in her shop at the minute? “I have lots of stock in for Easter, like tiny fluffy chicks, a tea set that looks like a chicken and chicks and a rabbit basket made from natural materials that can hold all of your Easter eggs.” Georgina pauses looking round her shop. “There is always lots of goods that make great presents. We have lamps, throws, jewellery from top designers,” she says and you can see her passion and enthusiasm for her trade rising. “I love the buzz of introducing new ideas and fashions to the town. Visiting the shows to choose the stock is always great craic, I enjoy Dublin and Birmingham the best. I always go for fun and quality items.”

Although Georgina is happy with her new premises she says she will miss Karen Mullin who runs Bloomin’ Marvellous florists across the road from the old shop. “We always used to get together for chats and cups of tea,” she confided. “We used to be able to pop into one another’s shops and still keep an eye out for customers. Karen has always been a great support and has even helped to move the stock to the new shop. She’s not far away and I am sure that we will find a way to see each other every day still…”

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