Saturday, 17 January 2009


There are no Shortcuts

There was once a man who loved God and spent many hours in prayer and contemplation. One day God appeared before him. The man was overjoyed and sang praises thanking God for appearing. God remained with him for a long time and the man was able to clear up all his doubts and matters of faith. Still God didn’t go anywhere, so the devotee thought he would ask something about heaven.

“Oh Lord,” he enquired, “What is time like in heaven?”

God smiled and replied, “One million years on earth is equal to a minute in heaven.”

The man was astonished and ventured a further question. “Oh Lord, what is the value of currency of heaven?”

“One euro in my realm is worth about a million euros on earth.” God replied with great love.

The man could not believe his ears. He had one final question for God.

“Oh merciful Lord, if that is so, would you please give me one heavenly euro?”

“Sure,” the Lord relied. “Just wait a minute.”

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