Monday, 12 January 2009


The Best of Life

A trader went to see a gardener with a business opportunity.

“This idea will make us lots of money, ” he told the gardener. The gardener didn’t seem very interested, so the trader began to tell his of his idea; an arrangement where the gardener cultivated his land with roses and the trader would sell them in the town.

“With your green fingers, the roses will be the very best,” concluded the trader.

“Thanks,” said the gardener with his usual smile, “But I am not interested.”

“But you could earn a lot of money,” said the merchant surprised.

“I’m not interested in money.”
“Everybody is interested in money…”
“Not me.”

“How can you say that? Money is necessary to survive.”

“Well, I have enough to eat every day, I have clothes to wear and a hut to sleep in and to take refuge from the winter,” said the gardener calmly.

The trader couldn’t believe his offer was going to be rejected and decided to try a different tack.

“You would be doing work you like gardener.”

“I already do what I like,” said the gardener.

The trader was left with his mouth open and with a shake of his head, stood up and left the garden.

The gardener spent the afternoon listening to the musical sounds of the birds and contemplating the wonderful sunset that the universe offered.

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