Sunday, 2 November 2008


With the weather getting very cold over the last few weeks and the nights getting longer, we need to ensure our house is warm and comfortable for the winter. There are lots of practical cost efficient ways to keep your home cosy making sure you keep the draughts out and the heat in. Putting up a well-fitting curtain over the front door and using draught-proofing strips between the part of the window that moves and the frame and along the bottom of the back and front doors can help and of course insulating the loft is another effective way of making your home more energy efficient.

For older people, make sure that you eat regularly and have good food such as warming soups and stews and don’t forget, plenty of hot drinks. Keep yourself warm by wearing layers and keep as active as possible. Warm dressing gowns, slippers and blankets are useful for all the family.

Having a fire with a back boiler or a range in the kitchen not only adds warmth to the house, but can also give your home a heart.

Andy McLaughlin (Mac’s Coals)
Andy McLaughlin started working in the family coal business along with his father when he was 16. The business has been serving the heating needs of the peninsula for over 40 years. Andy has a drive in cash and carry in Buncrana and has opened a small depot in Carndonagh. Mostly though Andy serves his customers through his coal delivery service, six days a week. Mac’s offers keen rates for delivery of tons and half tons of coal as well as delivering slack and peat, cosyglow, doubles, anthracite and ecologs. You can contact their head office on 074 9361542.

With the price of oil becoming more unpredictable these days and with talk of global warming, a lot of people are looking at the wood burning stoves for an efficient and cleaner way of keeping their homes warm. John McCloskey has been in the business of supplying high performance clean burning logs for the last five years. He has two logging machines that can cut the logs to the size customers need whether it is a big stove to keep your outside shed warm or smaller logs for ranges and open fires. John has seen the demand for logs rise since he has started and delivers all over the area, from Derry, to Muff, Burt, Burnfoot and up to Malin and Moville and Glengad. Some people buy it loose and get a better price, otherwise John bags the logs in red netting to keep the wood dry and stop condensation. John can be contacted on 0862899369.

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