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It’s a busy time of the year for Rona McLaughlin as Christmas approaches. Rona is originally from Dublin and has been living in Inishowen since 2002. From June this year Rona has taken over the marketing and promotion of the Buncrana Chamber of Commerce. She is no stranger to the corporate sector and has worked for large organisations through the University of Ulster. As a business and marketing graduate she is very well qualified to take on the next challenge of redesigning the Buncrana gift vouchers and promoting the Shop Local initiative. Rona lives in Carndonagh with her husband Noel, daughter Shannon and son Neil.

What music do you like?

I tend to like particular songs rather than a set type of music. But with a toddler and a teenager in the house the music tends to range from nursery rhymes to Girls Aloud and Snow Patrol so it’s very wide ranging.

What would you never throw away?
I am a little bit of a hoarder and keep loads of useless items but I do have a cross and chain that belonged to my brother, I would hate to lose that.

What book are you reading?
Potty Training, for my son’s benefit I hasten to add. But I recently re-read the 'Dark Materials Trilogy' By Philip Pullman.

What was your favourite childhood game?
Just messing about outdoors, I don't think we ever had a set game it was just outdoor fun. It is sad for me to think that our kids probably won't experience the same games as the world has moved on and we are all afraid of not knowing where they are and what they are doing.

Have you been to the cinema recently, what did you see and was it any good?
No, we haven't been to the cinema since before my son was born.

What section of the newspaper do you turn to first?

Definitely not sport. It is generally the local community pieces on the notice boards first.

What is your idea of a good night out?
I love my sleep, so I tend to be home by midnight at the latest. A meal with friends is great.

Most embarrassing moment of your life?
Nothing really stands out; generally I talk too much so I am always putting my foot in it.

Have you a favourite TV programme?
I am not a fan of soaps, but I love Heroes.

How do you relax?
Again, I love having friends over for a meal or going over to them is even washing up. We are members of the Inishowen Kindergarten and have met some great friends from that so it’s nice to meet up with them and the kids, not guaranteed to be relaxing, but it is enjoyable.

What job did you want to do when you were a child?
Just the normal, baby sitting.

Where would you like to go for your holidays?
I really like Andalusia in Spain, we been a couple of times and its like Inishowen but with sun.

Your idea of heaven?
Being at home with the husband and kids on a sunny day and just deciding to go to the beach. Packing the car and kids and being on a great beach within 30mins. It’s a great day out and we are so lucky to have so many beautiful beaches in Inishowen.

Your idea of hell?
Living in the city. I was born and raised in Dublin, but I really am not cut out for city living. I love the sense of community we have here and the friends we have made so I really couldn't go back to it now.

What would you spend a lottery win on?
Updating the home, pay off some bills and put some aside for the kids education.
My husband would probably get another polytunnel. I wouldn't mind
upgrading the car too.

Favourite animal?
Dogs. Man’s best friend

What couldn't you live without?
Family goes without saying but I was at home for a year with my son and we didn't have broadband so no e-mail or Internet and it was really hard. I felt quite lost without it. I lost contact with a lot of people.

Biggest fear?
I think all parents fear losing a child or anything happening to them

The world's most irritating invention?
Shower Caps, I really don't understand the point.

What is your idea of a good night in?
Getting a chance to sit and relax with my husband, probably a glass or two of wine wouldn't go a miss either.

Do you have a hobby?
We have a polytunnel, so I like to garden. I do the weeding and seeding but Noel tends to do the heavy donkey work. But I am a lightweight once the cold weather hits in, I tend to lose interest and leave it to the hubby.

Biggest disappointment?
Nothing in life seems that important given enough time to get over it so I try not to dwell too much on things.

World's most useful invention?
I love the Internet. So much information, most of it unnecessary but brilliant none the less.

What do you have for breakfast?
Porridge and honey, a good hearty breakfast

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
My mum always said to remember how lucky you are.

Personal philosophy?
Be grateful for what you have.

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