Sunday, 13 July 2008


The Great Wish Fulfilling tree

There was a man who wandered throughout the world seeking his deepest desire. He wandered from one city to another looking for fulfilment and happiness, but in all his wanderings never found it. Finally one day, tired from his search, he sat down underneath a great tree at the foot of a mountain. What he did not know is that this was The Great Wish Fulfilling tree. Whatever one wishes for it when seated underneath it immediately comes true.

As he rested in his weariness he thought to himself, “What a beautiful spot this is. I wish I had a home here,” and instantly before his eyes a lovely home appeared. Surprised and delighted he thought further, “Ah if only I had a partner to be here with me my happiness would be complete,” and in a moment a beautiful woman appeared calling him husband and beckoning to him. After a while the man thought, Gosh I’m really hungry, I wish there were food to eat. Immediately a banquet appeared covered with every kind of beautiful food. The man sat down to eat and began to feast on all the goodies. When he had finished he looked around at the mess and thought to himself, I wish I had a servant to clean up after me, and sure enough a manservant appeared.

The man sat back down to lean against this wonderful tree and began to reflect. “How amazing it is that everything I wish for has come true. There is some mysterious force about this tree. I wonder if there is a demon who lives in it? Sure enough a great demon appeared. “Oh my, this demon will probably eat me up and that is just what it did.

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Dagny said...

I like this. Learn to enjoy what you have when life is good. The energy we put out there really comes back to us, whether in the form of a wish or obsessing on our fears.

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