Sunday, 15 June 2008


Love does not brood over injury.

Once a woman who was supposedly having visions of God went to a Bishop for advice. He told her: “You may be believing in illusions. You must understand, as bishop of this diocese, I am the one who can decide whether your visions are true or false.”
“Yes your excellency.”
“So you must do as I say.”
“I will, your excellency.”
“So listen: the next time God appears to you, you must perform a test by which I will know if it is really God.”
“Yes, your excellency. But what is the test?”
“Say to God, ‘Please tell me the personal and private sins of the bishop.’ If it is God appearing, he will reveal my sins to you. Afterwards, come back and tell me but no-one else.”
“I will, your excellency.”
A month later, she asked to meet with the bishop and he asked her, “Did God appear to you again?”
“I think so, your excellency.”
“Did you ask him the question I told you to ask?”
“Of course, your excellency.”
“What did God say?”
“God said to me, ‘Tell the Bishop that I’ve forgotten all his sins!”

God sees us in the present and envelops us in a boundless love.

Anthony de Mello

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