Saturday, 21 June 2008


Dawn in Inishtrahull
The moon shines on the Isle of Inishtrahull,
Bejewelling nuptial tinted herring-gull,
May-fly dancing in the balmy air,
And moth returning to its daylight lair.
A shoal of herring breaking out at sea
Sparkle like hoar-frost on an aspen tree,
Spindrift in the shaded rocky cleft,
And raised-beach quartz that the ice-ages left.
The droning beetles seek the crevassed walls
To dive into when hungry lapwing calls; Earwigs,
likewise, into earthed homes,
And red-ants under scarred lichened stones.
An otter seeking rest on rock remote
Glistens with phosphorescence on his coat,
The snail Arborum, with his watery glue,
And bunch of pearlwort in a crystal dew.
The flaming sun ascends o'er Cantyre's Mull, Flings out his arms, day breaks on Inishtrahull!
D. J. O'Sullivan.

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We went to Inishtrahull island off of the coast of Malin Head . The film A shine of Rainbows directed by Vic Sarin has been filming in Inishowen and they wanted some footage of seals.

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ISKRA said...

Beautifull part of Ireland!

I would love to visit Inishtrhull island some day

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