Thursday, 22 May 2008


Day of Meditation to be held in Buncrana

A day of meditation will take place on Saturday 31st May at 5 St Mary’s Road in Buncrana from 10am-4pm. Noel Bradley and Julie Brown will facilitate the day, which will introduce you to the practice of meditation. Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to connect to the peace of your own being. It is a great support for managing the stresses of modern living.

During the day meditation techniques will be practised for relaxation and healing, becoming more aware of our body, mind and emotions and finding inner peace.

Both Noel and Julie have been meditating for years. Noel, an experienced group leader in transformation workshops explains, “I have always used meditation as an integral part of development, growth and transformation at workshops, as well as a spiritual discipline in my own life. I believe it has kept me physically, psychologically and spiritually more healthy over the years.” He says, “I really think it is important for people to learn different ways to meditate, relax, centre themselves and to access the depth of their inner lives.”

Julie has also been practising meditation for the past fifteen years and has worked with groups locally and nationally sharing the benefits that meditation has brought into her life. “Meditation is a very important practice for me and brings joy and contentment into my life. I have had many wonderful teachers in meditation and enjoy sharing what I have learned,” she says.

Booking will be essential if you are interested in taking this opportunity for connecting with your inner being before the summer holidays start. The cost of the day will be €40 and will include a light lunch of soup and salad. Please book by contacting Noel on 074-9362390 or Julie on 074-9363684

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