Sunday, 13 April 2008


Photo: Talk 2 me sponsored walk in Buncrana in aid of suicide awareness.


One night a man had a dream. He dreamed that a monk came to his village at midday and gave him a huge precious stone that would enable him to be rich beyond his wildest dreams.

At noon the next day the monk from his dream turned up at his village. The man ran out to meet him. “Where’s the stone? Give me the stone?” the man cried. The monk reached into his sack and took out a diamond; the biggest diamond in the world. It was the size of a human head!

And he said, “Is this the stone you want. I found it in the forest. Here, take it.” The man was delighted; he seized the stone and ran home. But that night, he had a very restless night; he just couldn’t get to sleep at all.

Very early next morning, he went to the where the monk was sleeping under a tree. He woke him up and said, “Here’s your diamond back. Please teach me about the kind of wealth that enables you to give this diamond away!”

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