Sunday, 16 March 2008


One evening, a man in India walked into a small darkly lit room and saw a snake coiled in the corner. He was instantly frozen to the spot with fear. If he moved the snake would bite him. It looked like a big snake, a poisonous snake, and one whose bite would be fatal. What could he do? He stood there, not daring to move, images of his wife becoming a widow and his children fatherless. Full of regrets for all that he did not do and desperate plots and plans to either kill the snake or get away filled his mind. For hours he stood there, praying for help.

As the sun rose and the room became filled with it’s rays, he saw that the snake was in fact, just a rope.

How often does our perception play tricks on us and we see what is not the truth but an illusion. Our fears are often not based in reality, but we act as if they are and these can affect our relationships, our thoughts and our actions. Can we wake up to what is real and see our illusions for what they are?

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