Sunday, 3 February 2008



Once long ago an Indian warrior found an eagle’s egg on a mountaintop, and he put it next to the eggs that a hen was hatching. When the time came the little eagle hatched alongside the chicks and he grew alongside the hatchlings. After some time it learned to cackle like a chicken, to scratch the ground and look for worms, and it limited itself to going only into the lower branches of the bushes like all the other chickens. It behaved like a chicken and thought it was a chicken. One day when it was old, the eagle looked up to the sky and saw something that stirred his heart. Up there in the bright blue sky, was a magnificent, majestic bird flying in the open sky, with seeming effortlessness. The old eagle was awe struck. It turned to the nearest chicken and said what kind of bird is that? The chicken looked up and answered, “Oh, that’s the golden eagle, the queen of the skies. But don’t pay any attention to it. You and I are down here below. The eagle never again looked up and it died thinking it was a chicken.

If you argue for your limitations, they are yours. Dare to own your greatness!

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