Tuesday, 8 January 2008


There could be a lot of great salvage for the garden in here!

I was down at the Old Mill in Buncrana this week. The equipment in and around the building is a treat. The straps for the water wheel would make a great recycled item for the garden. There is talk of refurbishing the building into a hotel.

There are some
old photo's of Buncrana that show the bridge at the Mill.

I have other photo's of the Mill if you would like other images please let me know!


Ian Gomersall said...

The Mill in Buncrana produced Irelands first electricity fot the masses

Mark said...

Love these old building with some of their workings still inside, they make great photos. Reading the comment by Ian, has any thought been put into bringing it back into use to produce electricity?

Inishindie said...

Hi Mark

I think there is talk of turning into an hotel. The structure will be developed I think to leave some of the character. It would be a great idea to get the developers to include a working mill to generate the electric. The surplus could be sold back to the grid... you never know !!

Chris said...

I was reading a brief part about the old Swans Mill recently and it was fascinating to know they brought electricity to Buncrana in 1923. I really hope it is restored and something is done with this amazing building.

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