Thursday, 27 December 2007


If there were a prize for the most eye-catching convertible on the road, the winner would surely be the Ford Street Ka. Jackie McKinley from Carndonagh is the proud owner of a top of the range 2003 1.6i model in the fabulous Red Hot colour. For the last five years Jackie has run Jackie’s Barbers on Bridge Street in the town.

How long have you had the car?
One and a half years. I went over to England to buy it, as I couldn’t find the right colour here. The ones available were greys and blues but I wanted something a bit “Hotter”.

Any plans to change?
The car is fabulous and I will be sorry to see it go but I do have it up for sale. I am in no rush to sell but when I do, I will invest some of the money in a motorbike. I am looking for €14,000 ovno for the car. If anyone is interested they can e-mail Ian on Inishindie

Is it reliable?
Apart from servicing it has never needed to go into a garage. When I bought it the mileage was 26,000 and it has still only done 34,000.

Best thing about the car?
It’s a long list. I love the fact that the roof comes off. I bought side skirts for it as well as the new alloys so it certainly looks the part. The leather interior, air conditioning, heated seats and windscreen all make driving the car a luxurious experience at any time of the year.

How often do you wash it?
When I first got the car it was nearly every day! It’s once every two weeks now.

What would you do to help motorists?

As I hope to be on a motorbike soon I would say that road improvements are top priority. Bikers have enough to look out for with motorists without having to negotiate potholes in the road too.

What would you really like to be driving?
The bike I am looking for is the Italian styled Cagiva Mito 125. When I go back to cars I would like a Nissan 350Z

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