Friday, 28 December 2007


Crummie's Bay, Dunree. Great views and walking

The Lighthouse Dunree

See the Face of Dunree.....

Dunree Fort is steeped in history. We were out there today in between the showers. My photo's are some of many that have been taken of the place. Check out some more photo's at Andy McInroy and Rymus


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Pat Patterson said...

What a great site! It was a treasure to find. The links to other sites are great too. I have been to many of the places in the picture while visiting my cousins in Buncrana. My mother Mary Doherty was bornin the Hillside near Fort Dunree. Her brother was Patrick Doherty. I go when I can to see my cousins Patty, Vincent and Helen Doherty. I live in Norwich, Connecticut in the USA. I hope to get home soon. Runaway inflation here in the states is bad. Times are tough. Well thanks again for a great site. I will stop back soon and put up some of my pictures. They are exceptional in their quality, since photography has been my hobby most of my life. Bye for now. Pat Patterson

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