Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Couldn't resist putting this on. It is a school photo from about 1971.
King Edward Junior school in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. (I am on the back row next to last on the RHSide) I can't remember many names from the photo. I have put it on the Friends Reunited site for that year, there aren't many people signed up to it so I doubt I could put a name to many faces.
I remember Felicity Shillingford (I met her once in a nightclub in Manchester in the late 80's) Sally Howkins (I went swimming in her pool in Sutton in Ashfield also around the late 80's) Glenys Hayes (used to live up the hill from me and played in her garden once when I was about seven)
I also remeber Barbara Hibbert and Mattew Beardsley. In about 1971 we made a super 8 film together depicting the end of the world with a soundtrack by David Bowie singing Five Years. It was made for a telly programme called Screen Test. It didn't get shown! We were ahead of our time obviously.
Apart from that I'm stumped!!
Although I do remember Mr Sadler on the right. He had a habit of throwing pupils over his upright piano.
Here is the link to the Friends reunited page if you are interested

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