Friday, 8 June 2007


This weeks featured garden is Marion Lynch. Marion’s garden is full of intrigue and splendid features that look great at any time of the year. Marion is a worthy winner of the Best Garden Award in the Buncrana Tidy Towns gardening competition (four times at the last count)! Marion is an inspiration to gardeners across the peninsula.

How long have you been working on the garden?
Twenty years so there have been many changes over the years.

What is your favourite plant?
I love all plants but if I had to choose it would be Mahonia charity, Fatsia Japonica, lilies and geraniums.

What is your favourite feature in the garden?
The gazebo and water fountain. It’s just beautiful to sit in the gazebo in summer with a nice cup of tea looking up at the Fahan hill with the sun setting to the sound of the fountain. It’s just brilliant!

What is your favourite season and why?
Summer. Beautiful flowers, birds singing and washing in the birdbath and the butterflies collecting nectar.

What work gives you the most pleasure in the garden?
The flowerbeds, planting and weeding. I enjoy deadheading and feeding too.

Any irritations in the garden. How do you cope?
Slugs and our cat. Broken egg shells around the base of plants keep the slugs at bay. The cat is more of a problem!

What is your best gardening tool?
I have two. A small rake and a watering can.

Top Tip for spring?
Plant marigolds through the flowerbeds to get rid of whitefly. They don’t like the smell. “Boy oh Boy” is the best.

Any pans for the future?
I will be planting more flowering plants in a new bed at the bottom of the garden.

PHOTO: Marion’s garden is full of interesting features


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