Sunday, 24 June 2007


The warm weather has given a great boost to the veggie plot. There has been a rush on questions about the garden too. Let’s get straight down to it!

Should I put straw under my strawberries to stop them rotting? Will it blow away in the wind? BT by e-mail

I was in an allotment recently and someone had put each of their strawberries into their own jar. This was to give them their own mini greenhouse I think or maybe it was the first steps to making jam!

The time to put straw under the strawberries is when the fruit has formed. As long as it is round the entire plant. Straw is like unravelled knitting, it not only holds itself together, but the leaves and fruit also pin it down. So unless you are in a really windy spot, it should stay put. A friend of mine grew the fruit very successfully in old tyres filled with soil. With two plants per tyre we could make a use of all of the old ones littering the peninsula.


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