Saturday, 16 June 2007


Hazel Browne from Lenamore in Muff steps into the motoring spotlight this week. Hazel is the very active Scout Leader in the Muff Scout Group. Her vehicle therefore needs to be very versitile. One minute it could be being used for shopping, the next it is used for climbing hillsides checking out walking routes for the many hikes that are organised throughout the year for the scouts. The pick up section is used for farm duties as well as carrying around sleeping bags and hiking boots. Because of this Hazel’s choice of car, the Mitsubishi double cab pick up, is a mixture of practicality and rugged off road abilities.

How long have you had the car?
Five years now.

Any plans to change?
No, I am happy with the one I have. (If you do sell it Haxel can I have first refusal! Ian)

Is it reliable?
Very, despite being used for very rough duties. Some people say that I am quite demanding from a vehicle but the Mitsubishi is very strong.

Best thing about the car?
It carries one tonne in weight and it pulls like a train!

How often do you wash it?
Confessions! I never wash it, thankfully my husband takes care of the cleaning.

If you were the minister for finance what would you do to help motorists?
Increase the tax on vehicles that are used for posing in such as the Toyota Amazon or the Range Rover Sport. (My husband told me to say that!)

What would you really like to be driving around in?
I think a new Mitsubishi L200 would do just fine.

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