Monday, 28 May 2007



Question: What should I underplant my roses with to kill aphids? I know it is a bit late in the year but the problem has been so bad that I would like to be well prepared for next year. Thanks D.L. by e-mail

Underplanting roses can be useful, but more to deter pests, such as aphids, rather than kill them. Anything with a strong aroma may help, as this will confuse some pests such as aphids (and cats for that matter!). Some gardeners report success with garlic, thyme, nasturtiums and marigolds - to be honest it is all a down to a bit of experimentation, but if it works it has got to be worth it!

There is an idea that you could put mirrors, or other shiny things, under the plants. This is supposed to confuse the pests. We now have somewhere to put all of the free CD's!!


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