Tuesday, 29 May 2007


If you getting ready to spend lots of money at the garden centres, look out for the best quality plants available.

Avoid plants with labels that are old and faded, the plant probably is too.

Pests and disease
Steer clear of yellowing leaves and limp growth or nibbled leaves.

Value for money
Shop around; garden centres differ greatly in price for the same plants.

Water loss
Never buy a plant that has been denied water.

Plant shape
Avoid plants that are growing irregularly with spindly growth.

Weedy pots
Pots full of weeds are also a sign of neglect

Check the roots
Tip the pot upside down tap the sides then gently remove the plant. Check to see that there are plenty of visible fibrous roots as well as some plump and juicy ones

Try to plant in the garden as soon as possible.


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