Thursday, 3 May 2007


Q. I have started to grow seedlings in my small greenhouse. Every day there seems to be less of the plants. There is no mould or slug trail, what could be eating them? Thanks, Sue.

A. This sounds to me as if woodlice are getting an evening meal from your seedlings. Woodlice generally eat dead and decaying matter but they are partial to a seedling as well. Mature plants are spared as the woodlice don’t touch them but you will find them in damaged fruit.

· Clean the area so there are no damp places to hide.
· Don’t allow leaves and dead plant matter lying around in the garden.
· Put a cover on your trays this will act as a barrier.
· If all of this fails I know someone whose young lad eats woodlice like sweets, you could invite him around for the afternoon!


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