Saturday, 17 March 2007


I like the idea of composting toilets and now that the dual flush system is coming in this year, these might be worth looking into.

Water wastage may be a growing problem, but the Irish government is determined to get a handle on it. Dick Roche, the environment minister, has lifted the lid on a new law that will mean builders have to fit ultra-efficient toilets in every home and building from the end of this year. The so-called “dual flush” WCs differ from conventional facilities by offering two choices, one designed for liquid waste and the other for solids. The units are already on sale in Ireland; Roche’s legislation will make them a requirement.

Environmentalists who claim they can reduce a household’s water use by up to 20% support the two-button toilets. Roche revealed his plan in the Dail recently, saying he plans to change the building regulations by the end of this year. “The toilets save water as they release only a small amount, half or a third of the cistern, when you don’t need to use the full flush.” Toilets account for between 30% and 40% of household water use. Environmental agencies estimate that households use about 50 litres of water per person each day through flushing. Ivan Sproule, of Sustainable Energy Ireland, said: “Local authorities pump water to homes and this uses up energy and causes emissions. If we use less water, we reduce this.”

You can go one better with a dry composting toilet -they use no water whatsoever. In the mean time if you want to conserve a drop of water, try putting a building brick in the cistern!


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